Forest Essentials Sunscreen Lotion – Aloevera & Sandalwood Review

forest-essentials-sunscreen-aloevera-sandalwoodHow are your Diwali preps going? I really like this festival coz of the beautiful lights and colors all round 😀 About 1 month ago I opened this sunscreen from Forest Essentials; that was lying in my stash. I was immediately smitten by the oh so lovely fragrance. But did this work as a sunscreen? Well, please read :)


How Can Stress Affect Your Skin & How to deal with it

Ever wondered why is your skin looking dull, even though you take care of it every single day? Ever wondered why suddenly certain areas on your skin are turning grey and your eyes sunked in; even after an expensive session at a dermatologist? Well the ONLY answer for this is STRESS.