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clays for summers

Summers are here in full swing. I’m going mad since my skin is acting up by bringing out the dullness and pimples. While the detailed DIY’s are always fun, on crazy hot and busy days a simple clay mask is all your skin needs. Seriously masking can be very simple if we look at it this way.

We all sweat in summers, whatever skin type we may be. Dry skin beauties also always sweat and that creates a havoc on our skin. Sweat gets trapped in the skin; leading to excess sebum which in turn leads to white heads, black heads, pimples and over all dullness. A clay mask will immediately flush out the toxins, gunk and excess oil.

So clays are always good and which clay you must use is something I have already written on (I am very proud of that article, since it is detailed and easy) read here. But there are 3 clays that I can vouch for in Summers. I always fall back on these 3 clays in case i am too busy or lazy to make a concoction.

3 Best Clays for Summers

1. Bentonite Clay:

Tops my list in clays for summers. It does not dry out skin too much and can remove toxins like its nobody’s business. It is very simple to make, just mix water and apple cider, let it increase it volume (will take 2 minutes) and apply. Wash it off once it is dry and your skin will feel clean and be able to breathe 🙂

2. Fullers Earth:

If you are facing dull skin issues with flares here and there, then THIS is your savior for summers. If you have dry skin, use it twice a week or only days you know your skin is oily because of heat. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes (Do not go for any extreme facial movement please) and wash it off. You may need to moisturize after washing this mud/clay off.

3. Pink Kaolin Clay:

Safe yet amazing! This clay works great for sensitive skin as well. It detoxifies and cleans your skin leaving it fresh and breaking the oil clogs from your skin. It can also be used as a cleanser and works really well just mixed with water.

So if you see making is actually not so difficult. These clays for summers will save you time and if you do it religiously, your skin will sail through the summers easily 🙂



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