Hello Lovely People!Vidhi from Bareskin Essentials

I am Vidhi ! Welcome to my blog, a place for reviewing, learning about and discussing natural beauty inside out.

I’m a long time beauty and a research junkie. I have been passionate about beauty ever since I have known something like beauty world exists. Being a fanatic researcher; lead me to a world of organic beauty where everything was so pure and logical. That made me develop a passion for natural beauty and holistic living. I began my research on natural products and alternatives; important ingredients for your skin/hair combined with the knowledge of Yoga and holistic living (Thanks to my Sister and Mom here!) and Bareskin Essentials was born!

Please note that not everything I blog about is completely organic as there are ingredients out there that are similar in nature to molecules and lipids in our body that is required for our skin to respond well. This blog will also focus on the various recipes that you can make, alternatives to chemical laden products,  Product reviews on many natural beauty products, knowledge on ingredients that your skin/hair hates and loves,  and on the holistic wellness and lifestyle to help enhance your natural beauty for you to get the flawless beauty you have dreamed of!

What’s in the name?

Well going out bareskin is something I personally have always dreamt of. No makeup, no concealers nothing but pure natural bareskin! I am sure most of us dream of this… hence the name ‘Bareskin Essentials’ .

Something more about me?

Well I am a Masters degree holder on paper but an entrepreneur by nature! I live in the city that’s awake 24*7 – Mumbai.

I love dancing, reading, talking and meeting new and inspiring souls. I also am a hardcore dreamer and I love being in the world of dreams, It just makes me feel alive!

For any queries, requests (your wish is my command!) or just to say Hi you can drop an email at: insideout@bareskinessentials.com

Would love to hear from you 🙂

Lot’s of love-Keep Glowing!,

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  1. Wow. I am a longtime silent stalker of beauty blogs but yours is so good that I had to comment here and let you know! I totally share your passion of having a bare skin which looks good by itself and am always on the lookout for natural/organic stuff. I am already so excited to try half the ideas from your posts. Do keep updating. I may not always comment but I am bookmarking it to stalk it regularly. Also, you look lovely in your picture! 🙂

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