So this one’s from Aroma Essentials and I have already finished using it. Read on to know the details!

aroma essentials under eye corrector review

I was on a look out for a good under eye cream when this under eye corrector from Aroma Essentials got my attention. I immediately placed the order and started using it the day it came. Aroma Essentials have a FB page so you can order your products from their page. I am not in love with all their products (currently using the shampoo and conditioner, one word-BAD BUY!) but this one worked ok ok. Let’s get to the details.

Product Description: 

Lightens skin by fading away the pigmentation. Contains Saffron, Vitamin A, B, B2 & C.

Price: INR 150 for 15 ml


So this comes in a gel form which kind of disappointed me as I have dry under eye area. But then either ways I started using it on the same night! My first impression when I applied was the refreshing smell of saffron and a very soft gel texture-Loved it! The texture went on smooth and it immediately got absorbed in my skin.

under eye corrector

I used only the gel for 1 month to see the effects; but then started applying a cream on top since I have dry under eye area. I didn’t notice any major changes in a months time (But common, how can I expect that!) This small jar will last your quiet a bit almost 2 months. From what I notice, this will not work on anyone having MAJOR dark circles issues since it casually brightens up your under eye area. If you have dry skin like me, then you will need a cream on top as this is in a gel form. For people with oily skin and someone who needs de-puffing and basic eye care it’s definitely a good buy!

Summing it up…

Pro’s of Aroma Essentials Under Eye Corrector:

  • Natural, natural and natural! 🙂
  • Definitely contains saffron
  • Smooth texture
  • Brightens up your under eye area with regular use
  • Not too expensive
  • Lasts long

Con’s of Aroma Essentials Under Eye Corrector:

  • Will not work on severe dark circles
  • Not a great buy for dry skin people
  • No complete list of ingredients

My Rating: 3/5


Not sure if I will repurchase this. For me, it worked well as a serum but not as the only under eye cream. Plus I need products that are high on Vitamin C and a stable formulation. So i’ll continue looking for that 🙂

Hope this helped guys! Any other under eye cream you suggest?



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2 Comments on Aroma Essentials Under Eye Corrector Review

  1. The experience has been the same for me – no results. Even though I don’t suffer from dark circles yet I was anticipating a marked brightness on my under eye area given its composition.

    Honestly no pre-packaged under eye cream has ever worked for me. Some were horrible. They backfired point blank.

    I’d rather stick to making my own products at home. Aroma Essentials is splendid on most days but at times, some products miss the target considerably.

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