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I’m Back  😀 Well I am absolutely refreshed and rejuvenated but at the same time missing the mountains so much. This trip was so beautiful and serene that I really do not have words to describe it. Kashmir is indeed a heaven on earth and yes it is totally safe!

Well on my trip we interacted with a few locals and guess what!! I did ask what do they use on their skin. Don’t you think Kashmiri’ s are blessed with this gorgeous rosy glowing skin? I find them very beautiful and yes the men there are equally good looking 😳  Ofcourse genetics and weather plays the most important role but they do have their own ways to pamper their skin.


Overall they are very simple and live a minimalist lifestyle, hence they believe in natural beauty more.

Let’s look at those three ingredients that they use to pamper their skin and have a small contribution to their beauty


Goes without saying. When you talk about Kashmir, saffron has to be there. Kashmiri saffron is known as worlds second best saffron. There were really beautiful saffron farms that we saw.


Saffron is known to lighten and get a glow to your skin. However, ONLY PURE and ORGANIC saffron is effective. So ensure you buy from a trusted source as there is a whole new business altogether of mixed saffron.

Milk Cream:

Kashmiri women believe; that milk cream is one of the best anti-aging ingredient gifted by nature. Since the air is so pure there their milk cream is also of a better quality.



You get plenty of Almonds in Kashmir. Ranging from less oily to almonds with natural oils! So they do not only apply it externally but also use it in their most famous refreshing drink named ‘Kahwah‘.

almonds-oil-kashmir-beauty secrets

So these are the three powerful ingredients that the kashmiri beauties rely on.

Also lets just face it, the kind of air that they breathe and the food that they eat is sort of a dream for us! That purity and beauty is definitely a far fetched dream for a city dweller.

And here is a glimpse of our beautiful journey and trek at Kashmir.

Kashmir-Great Lakes-Heaven-beauty

This one is clicked by my awesome man. This sight was SO mesmerizing; that we almost forgot our aching legs from walking constantly.


Mountains instantly gives you peace and happiness from within. Our trek was such an overwhelming experience. A piece of me will always remain in the mountains 🙂 There is SO much to learn when you are there.

Will see you often now!

Love and Light,

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