We have always known and used turmeric in our face masks. But how about a beauty drink (which is now a fad in US!) that will guarantee you a clean, clear and glowing drink? It’s none other than most simple ‘Haldi Doodh'(Turmeric Milk).

Turmeric milk is one of the oldest ayurvedic recipes that has been followed and coined by many as ‘Health Drink”. It does create magic on your regular cold and cough, but did you know it literally creates magic on your skin too?Our body, skin and hair is actually what we eat. So drinking this golden milk! will be a blessing for your skin, hair and body.

I started drinking turmeric milk as an experiment that lasted a good 1.5 months abd after seeing the results I am sure this experiment is going to become a habit! 🙂 Read on to know my experience and the changes I saw on my skin.

Benefits of Turmeric Milk:

  • Let’s face it how much ever we try to NOT promote the fairness; we all want a glowing complexion. Religiously having turmeric milk can be extremely beneficial for you complexion. Due to the presence of anti-oxidants, the drink will help your skin fight free radicals, there by improving your complexion and bringing out the natural glow. This DID happen! I started drinking because my travel to my new work place it very taxing, it started taking a toll on my skin. After having religiously drank the golden milk, I started to see my complexion looking clearer and a slight glow to my face.
  • My energy levels went up! I used to feel low on energy and did not feel like writing or working after coming home. (Thanks to the long travel). after about 1 month I realized that I feel better and fresher even after coming home from work. Turmeric milk is indeed magic!
  • My skin usually breaks out in summers. This time again the train commute, heat, stress (Yes I am going through a stress phase 🙂 ) and mangoes created havoc on my skin. Giving pimples and this time they even left the marks behind. I noticed them fading away (Also thanks to ‘Starlet’ skin mask by Bareskin Essentials) and the milk that healed my skin from within. Not only I saw the marks fading away, but I saw the occurrence of pimple reducing to a great extent.
  • I noticed my lips to be more pink! Lol; I still cant believe, but there is nothing else I did differently. My lips look healthier and pink. This may be because my body over all is becoming healthier, so it may be reflecting on my lips as well.
  • My skin color has turned into .5 a shade lighter, this may be because of te free radical fight that the milk gives!

These are the few changes that I saw. I shall keep updating this post to add on to the changes I see in the future. Over all I LOVE how magical turmeric milk can be! I am definitely going to continue this. If you have queries on how and when I use it you can leave a comment below.. I will respond 🙂

Have a great week ahead lovely people!

Lots of love,





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