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With the increasing levels of lifestyle changes, it is getting extremely important to get into fitness, and the best being Yoga! But if you are into fitness or getting into fitness always remember to wear the right clothes! Remember the saying ‘ Dress to become who you want to be!’ Yes, similarly one must dress up to the gym. Just a plain lose T shirt and leggings is a BIG no no!

Active wear has now become wardrobe staples for many fitness enthusiasts. With the myraid of choices available, it is now very easy to get your hands on something that is perfect for you! A good pair of Yoga pants or yoga wear will get you in the groove and make you look forward to your workouts. My personal favorite brand is Rrave. Their collection is mind blowing and you definitely get motivated with the stylish options they have to offer. Having said that there are reason why you must opt for the best fitness attire.

Why to Always Wear the Right Workout Clothes:

Comfort and free motion:

Clothes meant for yoga or any form of workout are usually body fit. This gives your body comfort and a free range of movement. Loose clothing may feel uncomfortable while doing your asanas, too tight clothing may not let you breathe properly and the last thing you want is your top rolling up while doing the down ward dog pose! Expandable fabric such as spandex or lycra are perfect for yoga or any kind of workouts. If you see my pants in the picture. They are not at all tight, yet body fit and allows me to stretch my leg as much as I can!

Firm Support:

A well fitted sports bra is your best friend when working out. Sports bra that give adequate support will make you feel so comfortable in your body that you may be not conscious of your body at all at any juncture in your weight loss journey. When I was clicking myself for this blog post, I was somewhere conscious since I have not really shared my workout pictures. But this set from Rrave made me feel extremely comfortable and the yoga wear is made for each and every body shape!

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Feel good factor:

When you wear workout clothes that are well fit and made for your body, you feel so good in them that it motivates you to do more and as soon as you start seeing results you know how brilliant you feel! This feel good factor is so important but highly under rated. Try it once and you will see what I mean.

Sweat-absorbing ability:

You’ll be thankful you left your cotton tee at home as cotton absorbs sweat easily and retains moisture leaving you feeling wet, heavy and clingy. Look out for light, breathable, fabrics like spandex and nylon or tech-driven material like Dri-FIT or Coolmax. These will leave you feeling fresh, dry and comfortable during and post-workout.

Generally, what comes to our mind when we think of Yoga? Loose clothes, cotton T shirts and normal leggings right? Well, its time you change your outlook. Yoga is SO much more than just these typical visions. Rrave has got us some very interesting yet comfortable and sustainable ideas at an affordable price. I personally love their collection as they are comfortable and the designs are LOVELY! Have a look at their range here; I am so sure you guys will fall in love with it!

Their compact packaging will not disappoint you, and something that is unique and never seen before. Trust me guys its worth trying their workout clothes. Their’s is one of the best yoga pants I have tried till date as I love my body in them. They fit so well and gives a curve that I feel like working out more and more!

It’s worth investing in some good yoga wear or workout clothes, it’s so much more than what you think it will make you do πŸ™‚






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  1. Clothing is an essential part of our lifestyle. One should always choose good Clothing for yoga or any type of exercise. I recommend that one must always wear right and fit clothes during yoga and exercise because the comfort which they will provide will be of some other level and you will be able to excel in your routine.

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