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So on a recent discussion with one of my friend who is also a budding healthy eater like me, he mentioned that he has a spoonful of a few things everyday morning! I also *try* and do the same. But this did make me think on what are the best juices to start your day with! You cannot have it all at once of course but a few works really well for your body 🙂

best juice to start your day-morning routine

My research was limited to how our body functions in the morning and what it needs the most on waking up. So here’s what I found:

5 Best Juices to Start Your Day With


Amla powder/juice is a really good idea to start your day with. It is a well known fact that Vitamin C is one of the best juice for mornings; but did you know that Amla (Indian gooseberry) has about 20 times as much Vitamin C as Oranges? Also, it helps in maintaining your hair, skin, heart, immunity, brain health etc etc. With so many benefits I am sure I will be starting my day with this! Infact, I already do 😀 I have the one from Patanjali and like it 🙂



I remember my ‘dadi’ telling me that anything bitter in the morning is the best way to keep all the health issues away! I think Neem is the most bitter thing to have in the morning 🙁 I tried but could not keep upto it; hence I replaced this with another ingredient. But my sister has neem juice every single day and she has experienced some amazing benefits. Neem is great for people suffering from acne, having neem juice everyday will heal your acne from within. Neem will also kill ALL possible bad bacteria in your body for you to have a healthy and clean system.


So I have replaced Neem with aloevera juice. It is also bitter but I find it way better than Neem. Aloevera is one of the most calming and soothing herb. It keeps my hydration level in check and build my immune system. Additionally aloevera is the best way to detox your body and flush out the unwanted toxins the first thing in the morning!



So this was new to me when my friend mentioned that he has a teaspoonful of Bhringraj powder in luke warm water every morning. I knew that Bhringraj is known as the ‘King of Hair’ but health? No idea. Turns out, Bhringraj really has some magical properties! Here are a few, it helps in hair balding, amazing for skin and ageing, works wonders on liver, promises to keep cold and cough away forever! and works like magic on Sinus. Definitely worth a try 🙂

Wheat Grass: 

I have tried growing wheat grass and it grows really well. But not well enough to supply me my daily dose of it. Wheat grass is also well known and earned its fame in the health industry. It is loaded with Vitamins, Minerals and iron and is definitely an all rounder. When you have SO many benefits from one herb, i am sure taste doesn’t matter 😉


So these are the 5 best juices to start your day with. These habits will go a long way and will build your health, hair and skin 🙂 You can pick up any 2 or 3 ingredients and start with it immediately I say! Never too late to start with good health habits.. I choose Amla, Aloevera and Wheat grass; what about you?


Vidhi xoxoxo

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  1. Can we take all 3 juice in a day…at different timings. .I have started aloe vera was thinking to start wheatgrass..but can 3 juice be at one point

    • Hi Shivani, I take Amla and aloevera together as well. No problem! You can go ahead.. taking all three as long as it suits you 🙂

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