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5 Best Juices to Start Your Day With

Hi Everyone!

So on a recent discussion with one of my friend who is also a budding healthy eater like me, he mentioned that he has a spoonful of a few things everyday morning! I also *try* and do the same. But this did make me think on what are the best juices to start your day with! You cannot have it all at once of course but a few works really well for your body 🙂

best juice to start your day-morning routine


Important Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Losing weight and staying fit is still a major challenge for most Indian girls (This includes women and ladies). Our culture, food and lifestyle in general play a huge role and sometimes also an obstacle. But its time to learn these simple things and follow them to ensure you stay fit and fab!

lose weight and stay fit


Delicious Smoothie For Hair Growth/Hair Fall

Hair Fall is a very common problem. I get so many questions regarding hair fall and thinning hair. But what many people do not realize is that ‘YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT’ So your hair fall can also be because of the lack of nutrition inside your body. This smoothie for Hair Growth will give you all the hair loving nutrients.

smoothie for hair growth-hair loss


Snacking Your Way to A Slim Figure

For years, nutrition experts have been debating the best frequency of meals per day. They all agree on the one thing: eating lighter meals several times throughout the day is healthier than having two to three ample meals. A breakfast is mandatory as soon as you get out of bed, or within your first waking hour. But what about the next meal, and the one after that, and the one after that?

slim figure

Read on to know how and when to snack to lead to a better slim figure.