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7 Best Fruits for Great Skin and Hair

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I’ve been more cautious off lately for my skin and hair since there is another trip coming up in December (Yayy!) Seriously I love travelling.. I think I work and earn only to travel  So ya since a trip is coming up soon I have been taking care of my skin and hair to ensure it has the perfect glow and is in a healthy condition.


Seriously I have realized that no matter what beauty product is ruling the market, the results that home remedies give especially the yummy in the tummy fruits give are wonderful and so much cheaper! (more…)

5 Ways To Detox After Diwali Treats

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Hope your Diwali was full of love, laughter and crackers!  I am sure the yummy food and the huge feasts were damn good. I have eaten so much and loved every bit of it. So here’s a small write up to help you get back to routine and feel good after the super fun binge eating festive days.



5 Things You Must Follow To Lose Weight For Good

Weight loss struggles are the most debated topics around the world. There are nutritionists who are really good and keep shouting only one thing – EAT! Then there’s the whole .com world, where you get access to world wide information and experience. With that come words like detox, GMO, various foreign seeds and lots of other stuff. But are they really good for you? Read on to know more.

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Top 5 Foods That Increase Your Metabolism

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Staying fit and healthy is one thing I am personally struggling with. Work, home, lazy days, the ardent foodie in me all of these are the major deal breakers when it comes to fitness. I am right now working on burning some extra fats especially around my tummy area :/ (Hardest I know!) You know wedding gets a sorted feeling in you and then you go in a relaxed mode ! Well this is exactly what has happened to me and hence the emergency call for fitness is back 😆

So to help you with the ‘Burn Fat Burn‘ war; here are 5 top foods that increase your metabolism and help you be a winner.

Foods that increase your metabolism


Drink THIS everyday for a GORGEOUS SKIN!


Most of us do all it takes and genuinely take care of our skin; but most times, that’s externally. Think of how your skin will react when you feed it the most nutritional drink? SOLD? 😛 This simple and easy to make drink will really help you get a glowing gorgeous skin right from within.