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Aroma Essentials Skin Brightening Mask Review

So when Madhurima of Aroma Essentials gave me a choice to choose their products; I immediately jumped on this Skin Brightening mask! I LOVE brightening products (well who doesn’t) especially when it’s all natural. I was really looking forward on trying this one. It looked so nice and pink too 😀

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5 Easy DIY Face Packs for ALL your Skincare Needs!

Hello Everyone!

How are you all doing? I am a little under the weather and hence feeling like a sloth! My skin is also playing a havoc because of the weather; first the extreme weather of the mountains and I landed back to torrid rains.. not my skins fault after all. So today, I have got these 5 really easy DIY Face packs for ALL (Yes, I mean ALL) your skincare needs 🙂



This Face Mask Will Give You Soft Glowing Skin!

Recently I discovered that I had some rose petal powder in my herbal stash and I had totally forgotten about how I used to love the feel of it on my skin! So this face mask came up and I loved the after effects. It gave a soft glowing skin almost instantly. Read on to know what all contributed to the after effects! 🙂

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Iraya Jirakadi Lepa (Depigmentation Recipe)

Iraya Jirakadi Lepa (Depigmentation Recipe)

Helloo Everyone!

Today is a product review by a very good brand Iraya. Iraya is into selling natural ayurvedic products and has definitely made a mark in Indian markets. I had to try their depigmentation pack which consists of Jeera. They say it is a miraculous pack which lightens your pigmentation to a large extent. So does it work?

depigmentation-organic-jira pack