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Fenugreek and Green Tea Hair Pack-My Favorite!


2015 is coming to an end!  Don’t you think this year went by way too fast ? Well since there is just a month for the new years I thought it’s time to start some TLC for my hair every weekend. So you might find some good tried and tested hair packs in the coming week!

hair pack- HAIR GROWTH-SOFT HAIR homemade DIY


5 basic things TO DO for GORGEOUS HAIR

Helloo everyone!

How is your day going? Well today I thought of going back to the basics. Many times we come to a stage where in we hardly have any hair left or our hair is in a complete mess and then we realize something is wrong! There is something I should do (well actually should have done). So here are my two cents for you to follow to ensure you have gorgeous hair.

hair care basics


The Best Hot Oil Treatment:DIY

Any one in for a Hot Oil CHAMPI (MASSAGE)!?


How was your weekend? My weekend was VERY EXCITING and amazing. Why? well you will read on my experience in the coming posts. Just that it was a weekend well spent with a brilliant person and an amazing place! Ok now that’s it about my wonderful weekend blabber; Let’s get back to work  🙂

hot oil treatment-homemade-natural-softhair

So today I am going to give you a really good recipe for a hot oil treatment that will make your hair really soft and nourished.


How To Check Ph Balance of Cosmetic Products

Helloooo Ladies! We have been reviewing and using many different skin care products. I’m sure you must have come across terms like pH-Balance. In fact many brands are promoting their products on this term.

how to check ph balance of cosmetic products

So, I thought of giving you all an insight into pH-Testing and pH-Balance, here I will be sharing my research on the importance of pH-balance for our skin and hair and also to make it fun I will show you how you can test the PH level of all your products at home! So let’s begin…


How To Wash Your Hair:The Right Way !

Hello Everyone !

I know I had disappeared totally; but well was busy settling with my new partner and my new life! Anyway, here I am back with a bang 😛  in a literal way (I just got a new haircut with bangs ! 😆 ) Jokes apart; I am very sorry for my disappearing act, and I promise to be right here for you guys.

So, summers are here.. and in Mumbai it is very humid and hot these days. I really dislike this weather, it just makes my skin, hair and my mood all cranky. The reason for this particular post, is due to my personal problem and i’m sure all you guys out there will relate to it. Since it’s summer’s washing hair is a necessity; rather every other day; now I don’t know about you but for me it really messes up my hair. My hair gets dry and lifeless due to frequent washing 😥  So now I have a better way of washing my hair that makes it soft and not dry  😀 


You may do it practically every day, but do you really know how to wash your hair the right way? Using the correct techniques can make a world of difference in your hair’s health, bounce and shine but if you’re making some common mistakes, you could be damaging your strands without even knowing it. (more…)