This DIY dead sea salt scrub makes your skin really soft and also prevents acne.

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Its a super fun DIY and a very effective salt scrub as well. Dead sea salts are really good for your skin. They help in flushing out toxins and also control acne to some extent. But because of their harsh nature, please stick to body usage only 🙂 I know you all must be thinking of how the hell do I get these products ? Well I got this particular dead sea salt packet from Moksha Lifestyle (Not a big fan of their shea butter but this salt seemed good). At least, it does its job well.

I made this scrub to remove my tan that I collected from my recent trip to north. I was of course using my old time favourite mixture of gram flour, milk cream and turmeric, but I needed something more exfoliating and something that will not cause me any breakouts. And this Dead sea salt scrub came up! 😀

DIY Dead Sea Salt Scrub:

  • 10 Tbsps. of Dead Sea Salt
  • 3 tbsps. of Olive Oil
  • 20 drops of tea tree oil


Mix all the ingredients and store it in an air tight jar, away from humidity.

I have kept the ingredients very basic and as per my need. You can add many more oils and essential oils to it and make a heavenly dead sea salt scrub.

Important Note: Please keep the scrub away from water or humidity or the salts will melt! Also, NEVER scrub on active pimples; please let them settle down completely and only then use the scrub 🙂

  • Things you can add to make this DIY sea salt scrub more interesting:
  • A combination of coconut and lavender oil (Ahh! Nirvana…)
  • You can mix dried herbs like tulsi and neem to make it medicinal
  • You can add bubblegum oil to get that super yummy flavor (That is ofcourse if you like bubblegum flavor)
  • Add honey and olive oil for a super moisturizing treat 🙂

These are just my options you can use your creativity and play 😀

Have a happy weekend you all!

Love and Light,

Vidhi xoxoxo

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