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Happy Friday everyone! The BEST day for me. I am always so happy on Fridays πŸ˜€

So this time on Friday ingredient talk I decided to talk about an ingredient that is extremely important in summers. NEEM! Β or Margosa as they say, is widely used in ayurvedic formulations for hair and skin. It known to have multiple benefits including health benefits.

What is Neem/Margosa?

Neem is an Indian tree that belongs to the Mahagony family. The leaves of this tree are plucked and used in multiple ways since 100’s of years. The leaves of this tree can be used to make water, powder, oil and medicines. It is a medicinal plant that can treat many disorders. The general ability of this plant has been shown to kill viruses, infections, fungi that bring disorders to health, skin and hair.

Benefits of Neem on Skin:

  • The water used from neem has the properties to kill any type of infections and viral. When used this water as a face/body rinse you will almost say goodbye to the boils, pimples and any infections. It is known to be so strong that you will start seeing the difference in about 10 days!
  • Neem paste can be used on the skin to reduce pimples and dull complexion. Acne can really be stopped using this plant on a regular basis. It will slowly and carefully kill the acne germs leaving your skin clear.
  • It can also be beneficial for dark spots and prevent occurrence of black heads
  • It can be quite beneficial for dry skin due its moisturizing properties it can keep the roughness and itching at bay
  • Apart from preventing any and every kind of infection, it is know to impart glow as it makes your skin clean and clear

Benefits of Neem for Hair:

  • It has this magical power to reduce dandruff and itchiness. The anti-bacterial property is so high that it really does help in treating dandruff
  • Once in a while, it works great as a scalp detox flushing out the toxins from your scalp
  • It can also aid in hair growth as it generally makes hair strong and healthy

Neem is one of the most traditional plant used in Ayurveda. With the appearance of other plants and herbs Neem kind of lost its charm. But I believe this is one of the best plant available for skin, hair and health care.









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