One of the most beautiful and divinely smelling flower ROSE is so good that it has so many beauty benefits as well. Rose is not only used as a fragrance ingredient but also greatly used for hair, skin and on the body. Apparently it is edible and many people use it in sweets as well.

I personally love the fragrance and find it so mesmerizing and rich. I have used rose for my skin, hair and in every form available.

Lets see how and why this gorgeous flower is SO good for you! 🙂

Rose can be used in multiple forms. A few I have listed below:

  • Rose water
  • Rose oil
  • Rose petal powder

Surprisingly the above forms of rose can also be used in multiple ways and it is endless! Let me share some benefits with you.

Benefits of Rose for Skin:

  1. Rose water is an excellent toner. If you use rose water every night before sleeping it not only refreshes your mind with its fragrance, but also tones your skin and reduces tiredness and spots from your face. Though spots can be reduced after a long long term use 🙂
  2. Rose oil is again an excellent anti-aging luxury oil. However, this oil is HIGHLY expensive (Pure one can go as high as 10k for 30 ml). But this magic potion is great for fading wrinkles. You can add a drop of oil in your night creams and see the magic work.
  3. Rose petal powder, is the most common and can be used in many ways. You can mix rose petal powder with anything and everything and make a very effective mask.
  4. It is also effective for acne and improves over all complexion.
  5. Rose flower can reduce dark spots, can fade wrinkles, can lighten your skin, can tone your skin and also add a glow to your skin. It really is a great flower.

Note: Please ensure you get your hands on pure rose petal powder. Many mix color and essence just so it smells and looks like rose.

Benefits of Rose for hair:

  1. Rose oil has stimulating and anti-bacterial properties, that aids in hair growth and reduces dandruff/infections
  2. Mixing rose petals powder with coconut milk will make your hair so soft and smooth! It is a boon to dry hair and works wonders on damaged hair as well.
  3. Rose petal powder can also clean your hair well. So it’s a good idea to massage your hair with rose petal powder
  4. You can also use rose water on your hair as a natural conditioner. Mix it with Aloevera and you have the perfect hair conditioner

Flowers are packed with power! Start using this flower to see yourself glowing naturally 🙂

Happpyyyy Weekend you all! (Yay! Long weekend :-D)

Love to you all xoxoxo..



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