Hey! I know coming back after a long break but the thing is that I am going on a vacation on 13 September, and I have a lot to deliver at my ever demanding office! Well honestly this job change has affected my blogging A LOT and i’m not liking it. May be it will take time for me to settle in the new role and then things will be back to normal 🙂 Or may be I should seriously consider leaving the 9 to 5 life and get where my soul belongs! Agghh… tough decisions you see 🙁

Nevermind my blabber, today I thought I will be back with my FIT – Friday Ingredient Talk. So this ingredient I have been using on my skin since I was a kid! Yes my skincare dates back then 😀 Haha.. well you can also use this ingredient on yourself or your child 🙂 I am talking about Chickpea flour/Gram Flour (Besan). I LOVE the smell of this flour and love applying and cleaning my face with this one too.

So here’s all you need to know about this wonderful ingredient.

Besan/Chickpea flour has been used by Indians since ages for a clean problem free skin. Right from cleaning your face to removing excess hair from your face/body, this flour has the power to do a lot more 🙂 With the advent of many many other flours and herbs, we have kind of forgotten the most common and basic ingredient that all our grandmothers and probably their mother’s also used.

Benefits of Chickpea Flour/Besan:

  1. Besan can be the best face wash ever. You don’t need anything else when you have Besan! Wash you face with water and then rub besan on your face, ensure you are scrubbing well and trust me this will give you a make-up free face.
  2. Chickpea flour can also be used to remove tanned skin. Just mix this with curd, let it semi-dry and start scrubbing your skin. If you do just this for thrice a week, you will see a remarkable difference in just 3 weeks!
  3. This flour, is the basic ingredient in most DIY face masks for glowing skin. It is not only because if clean your face well, but it is also because it naturally has the power to lighten the complexion and add a glow effect to your skin
  4. Acne? No problem, mix this with Sandalwood and make a paste with rose water; you will see your acne drying in a few days of application
  5. Earlier days, grandmother’s used this flour as a trick to remove unwanted hair from face and body. My dadi has very less hair even today and she said one of the main reasons behind it is the way she used only gram flour to clean her bod! Just mix some in milk and apply on your face and body, then rub it in the opposite direction of hair growth and slowly you will see hair fading away. However, this works best on kids, since their hair is still fragile.

Right from tanning, acne, cleansing, glowing this ingredient literally does it all. But like every coin has 2 sides, this one too has a con 🙂 Just ensure you don’t over do with Besan or you may end up with a cracking dry skin. Yes! Besan can make your skin really dry so unless you have an oily skin resembling a frying pan, do not get high on besan 🙂

Happpyyyyy Friday folks! Muah…

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