Grren Junction-Bentonite Clay-REVIEW

I am now back and have promised myself to continue with my writing and be consistent. 🙂 Again apologies for a 2 week long break. In my Friday Ingredient Talk, I spoke about bentonite clay. I use mine from Green Junction. I have become a fan of their offerings.

If you want to know all about Bentonite Clay please READ THIS.  This article is about my review for the brand 🙂

Product Description:

Green Junction Bentonite clay is from Kutch and is of premium quality. Type :Sodium Bentonite is the ‘swelling’ type – it increases up to 14 times in volume when hydrated. This allows it to increase its active toxin-attracting surface manyfold.

Price: INR 277 for 100 grams and INR 520 for 500 grams.

Ingredients: Pure 100% Bentonite clay from Kutch.


I have been using Bentonite clay very frequently since the day I got this. It has been approximate 1 month and you can say I have used it for more than 20 days as an experiment (Remember I had told you I will update on my experiment?). This clay has totally won my heart. I can vouch that it is of good quality and works like a charm.

I have been using this with a mix of apple cider and water, and it spreads wonderfully. Be careful as this expands when you add a liquid to it, so you might end up with extra quantity. Whenever I use this, I keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it off. The after effects are nothing obvious, but I can see some red areas on my skin. No, this is not a bad sign as the red area indicates that the blood circulation was strong. 🙂 I have also used this as a spot treatment for pimples coming my way, and this clay is the best at that! I use it as a spot treatment over night and follow the process till I feel the pain subsiding. It takes about a week, but it definitely does not let the pimple grow. With the combination of tea tree oil, this works superb!

It does not have any smell that will put you off unless ofcourse if you mix it with Apple cider. But be sure to dilute the cider well, else you will end up disrupting your skins ph level.1 part cider and 3 parts water should work fine.


  • 100% Organic from Kutch
  • Works brilliant as a spot treatment
  • It does detoxify your skin
  • Leaves skin extremely clean
  • Does not dry out skin
  • For the price it lasts long and is totally worth it


  • Honestly I cannot see any! But if I have to say something, then extremely dry skin people, may need to moisturise after using this.

BSE Rating: 5/5 


Absolutely yes! This clay is wonderful and a must have. Even if you use it once a week it works really well. For summers especially, this is a must buy. This invariably tops my list, when i’m looking for a DIY in summers.

Have a happy week everyone!

Love to you all,





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