Indian Superfoods

Hey everyone! I have been very cautious about what I am feeding my body and hence trying my best to eat healthy and cut down on many foods and drinks. While doing he research, I realized that most websites that talk about super foods, generally only list international foods. Not that we do not get them here, but let’s face it, they are expensive! It is ok if you want to make a temporary diet change, but here I am trying to change my lifestyle. I believe that diet should be your life style and not something that goes on for a few days or months. Hence my research went further and sharing the same with you guys 🙂

They are simple spices/herbs/ingredients and when added to your lifestyle it will give you a healthy body both outside and inside 🙂

Indian Super foods


Yes! Known for its magical properties worldwide now; turmeric has definitely made a mark in every house hold ad everyone’s lives and well. This bright yellow colored herb is truly magical! It has wonderful detox and anti bacterial property on your body. It is a natural healer and heals flu’s, cold, cough from the very core.

When you add turmeric to your diet you will start noticing changes in your immunity levels as well as your skin. Read my experience here.

How to add in daily lifestyle: Turmeric is best had early in the morning. So adding it to warm water or warm milk is the best you can do.


International name right? Moringa is nothing but Drumstick! I was very happy to know, because I love drumsticks. Moringa has been famed as ‘Superfood’ because of its highly nutritional and tissue protective value. Moringa in India, has been traditionally used to protect our body from diabetes, heart issues, arthritis, liver disease, skin issues and digestive disorders.

These days we get Moringa teas as well, that may be of good help.

How to add to daily diet: I simply love boiling some and eating it as a side vegetable by adding some Indian spices to it! Yummy and healthy 🙂


Amla, has also been used traditionally since 1000’s of years. In fact it is the correct time to go get some fresh Amla’s from the market and make some homemade chyawanprash or just have 1 whole amla daily. Amla has some real super food properties. Right from working on your skin, hair and body it takes care of all the regenerative issues. It speeds  up the healing process of the body and ensures that our tissues are regenerated faster.

How to add in daily diet: I usually prepare a batch of Amla juice at home for a week and have a 30ml shot of it first thing in the morning. It just makes me feel really good.


The pungent yet flavorful garlic is best for weight loss! Just like its strong taste it has strong properties of normalizing your fat levels in the body. Garlic also helps fighting infections and also resolve stomach issues that lead to indigestion.

It also has the ability to get your cholesterol levels in check.

How to add in daily diet: Take 2-3 medium sized cloves with you dinner every day and bite on it as you complete your meal. Easy and will make a any bland meal tasty 🙂 You also get whole garlic pickles, while they are yum, I would not suggest that since it contains a lot of oil and salt as well 🙂


Ginger is great for abdominal bloating. If you ever feel bloated, immediately have some warm water with Ginger and you will feel better. Ginger also keeps away arthritis and also helps in Nausea and morning sickness.

How to add in daily diet: Best is you combine this with Turmeric and add it in water or milk! 2 super foods in one go. Yay!

Super foods is just a name, but the foods mentioned here if consumed daily will definitely make your life a lot better.

What is that one Indian ingredients that you have added to your diet?





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