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In my Insta story yesterday I had added a picture of the ingredients I am going to discuss today. Hope you all saw it 🙂 If not, well 2 words for you all ‘FOLLOW ME’ hehe 🙂 I’m bad at social networking, so i’m trying to be active now, your following, comments and likes may motivate me.

Anyway, there are many ingredients that we can play with when taking care of our skin. But at the same time there are these very effective ingredients that can be used daily without fear and rather see highly effective results. I will also be letting you know where to buy these ingredients from 🙂

Ingredients to use everyday for skin care:

1. Oats:

Amazing for improving your skin texture and complexion. Oats have polysaccharides, which have a gel-like texture when combined with moisture. This light gel leaves a protective layer over the skin that seals in skin’s natural moisture while also providing additional nutrients.

It is a book for dry and sensitive skin as it moisturizes skin well. Using oats regularly also imparts a glow to yr face and make your skin lighter. You may use any organic oats available. If you do not get hand pounded organic ones, even Quaker oats are fine 🙂 I’m sure you will get Quaker oats at every general store.

2. Honey:

One of the most soothing and yummy treat for skin. This golden beauty, not only makes your skin clean but it also fights bacteria and acne. Honey also has skin lightening properties (Though minor property) and it works beautifully to give you a soft clean skin.

The anti bacterial properties of honey also make it a yummy treat for your tummy, so don’t shy away in eating some 🙂 These days there are amazing flavors coming up that adds to our palate. I usually buy my honey from Theoorganics – website here.

3. Aloevera:

Cleopatra’s beauty secret, eh? Well, it’s not a secret anymore. This super magical medicinal herbs can treat small burns, wounds etc in just a few days. I was burnt due to tea tree oil once, and it healed my scab in literally 2 nights! I LOVE LOVE Aloevera and always keep a plant at my place.

Aloevera, not only improves your skin texture and saves skin from acne, but it also slowly even tones your skin. It is extremely easy to use and you can actually apply and forget about it! With absolutely no side effects, this herb is a great find. Like I said, a plant is the best choice, but n case you do not have one, then Bon Oranics aloevera gel is THE ONE. Read review here.

4. Hyaluronic Acid:

Do you wish to have a super moisturized and healthy skin? Well, then use Hyaluronic acid every single day, twice a day before you apply anything else. This how I start and end my day with. The first thing that goes on my skin in the morning and before my daily routine at night is Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid, is basically already present in our skin, but as we age it reduces. (Read the whole article here). This adds water retention to our skin, making it soft, moisturized and plump. It is basically like water so you wont feel a thing. I use Hyalugel by Ethicare remedies. Buy here.

5. Grape seed oil:

Once again an oil, that does so much for well, an oil! Anybody who has acne yet wants to try an oil, then grape seed oil is for you. Anyone who wants to age slower then grape seed oil is for you. This oil is so good that it melts into nothingness on your skin.

I have done an experiment, of using nothing but grape seed oil for 1 month, and I had no issues at all! In fact my skin looked alive and healthy 🙂 I use grape seed oil from Sula Vineyards. Buy here.

I almost everyday use all these ingredients on my skin. I can blindly say you are in safe care when using any of these ingredients. I am sure many of you would agree with me.

Ok signing off now.. Happy Weekend <3


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