Beauty Secrets From Around the World!

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Today I thought of sharing a very interesting information that I have gathered over time and also have been applying them to my skin care regimen :)

Have you ever wondered what people of other countries must be using as a part of their skin care regimen? There are so many secrets hidden in our world when it comes to natural beauty.

Beauty Secrets from around the world

So here, I present to you the all natural beauty secrets from around the world! (more…)

Stretch Marks: All Natural Ways To Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks: All Natural Ways To Remove Stretch Marks

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Today I thought of touching a topic which is very important for us girls and for some a matter of self esteem. Stretch Marks are a part of almost all our lives if not now then after pregnancy and they really can haunt us and affect our self esteem. We are still not very open and accepting about these marks and hence prefer to keep our problems to ourselves, but why? It is absolutely OK to have stretch Marks and the best thing is, we do have some very effective home remedies to get rid of stretch Marks or atleast lighten them.

Home remedies for stretch marks


Homemade Lip Scrub:4 luscious all natural scrubs

Homemade Lip Scrub: 4 luscious all natural lip scrubs!

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Today I am here to ensure that we take care of one of our most sensitive parts on our face! Any Guesses? It’s our lips! Yes lips are one of our most sensitive parts and often ignored.  Now you will ask me how come ignored, we all use lip balms! But no that’s not enough. Lip balm is a moisturizer, you think only a moisturizer is enough for your skin? Hell NO!

Homemade Lip Scrub

Coming straight to my point I am talking about exfoliation. We often get dead skin cells gathered on our lips which needs to be removed to reveal those natural pink lips!


Chewable Vitamin C: Homemade For Kids And Adults

Hey Everyone! This post today is a belated mother’s day gift from me to all the mothers and also for all the others who love to take Vitamins to stay fit but hate the idea of swallowing a tablet (Me included!)

Chewable Vitamin C-Homemade


I am simply in love with Vitamin C as the benefits that it gives to my skin and my body is tremendous. Not only topically applied but after the age of 30 one should start taking Vitamin C supplements or food intakes as well to keep your skin radiant and young :) This is one super easy recipe to make targeting kids as well, we all know how difficult it is to feed them any kind of vitamins!