Skin Type: How To Know Your Skin Type

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Do you know your skin type? Knowing this question can easily determine which skin care products are best for your skin and how to take care of your skin and the other skin concerns.

How to know your skin type

If you are still confused as to what category of skin type do you fall into, take a look at this article and determine your skin type.


Organic Beauty Brands In India: Shop Wisely!

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Have you ever wondered going natural/organic and living consciously is so important? I have always maintained that nothing beats natural/organic beauty products, some being edible!

Today Indian markets are flooded with beauty products from various brands that claim to be natural/organic; but on a serious note please do not buy unless you read the ingredient list! My personal experience at a newly introduced Australian brand was really bad, I mean the sales guy claimed to be all natural free of any chemicals and here when I read the ingredient list I read all kinds of parabens and other harmful chemicals. It really isn’t fair to us consumers.Β  πŸ‘Ώ

Hence I decided to write a post on some of the good well known organic beauty brands available in the markets, ranging from luxurious to brands that deliver but still are light on our pockets!Β  πŸ˜€

Organic Beauty Brands In India-organic beauty brands


Beauty Secrets From Around the World!

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Today I thought of sharing a very interesting information that I have gathered over time and also have been applying them to my skin care regimen πŸ™‚

Have you ever wondered what people of other countries must be using as a part of their skin care regimen? There are so many secrets hidden in our world when it comes to natural beauty.

Beauty Secrets from around the world

So here, I present to you the all natural beauty secrets from around the world! (more…)