Hair Gel: All Natural Homemade Hair Gel

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Hope you had a super fun weekendΒ  πŸ˜€ Β My guy loves using hair gels but he often complains about his hair texture getting rough and hair turning grey as well. He’s now completely stopped using it and has really seen the difference in his hair πŸ™‚

Natural homemade hair gel

This post is for all you men and women you want to style your hair using a gel and also want to stay away from the very harsh reactions from the chemicals in store brought hair gels. An all natural homemade hair gel is your key to styles, ruly hair.


Homemade Eye Cream: Do It Yourself

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I know I am writing after a very long time! I am really getting busy day by day as my D day is nearing   😳

Homemade eye cream-DIY-all natural-3-recipes

Eye creams are an important part of our skin care regimen, eyes when nice and bright makes you look years younger.Β A few of my readers asked me to do a post on homemade eye cream. So here are three recipes of homemade eye cream that will help you maintain beautiful young eye and also save you a lot of bucksΒ  πŸ˜€


Skin Type: How To Know Your Skin Type

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Do you know your skin type? Knowing this question can easily determine which skin care products are best for your skin and how to take care of your skin and the other skin concerns.

How to know your skin type

If you are still confused as to what category of skin type do you fall into, take a look at this article and determine your skin type.