Chewable Vitamin C: Homemade For Kids And Adults

Hey Everyone! This post today is a belated mother’s day gift from me to all the mothers and also for all the others who love to take Vitamins to stay fit but hate the idea of swallowing a tablet (Me included!)

Chewable Vitamin C-Homemade


I am simply in love with Vitamin C as the benefits that it gives to my skin and my body is tremendous. Not only topically applied but after the age of 30 one should start taking Vitamin C supplements or food intakes as well to keep your skin radiant and young :) This is one super easy recipe to make targeting kids as well, we all know how difficult it is to feed them any kind of vitamins!


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Grooming For Men:11 Grooming Tools Men Must Have

Grooming For Men: Grooming Tools Every Man Should Have

Hello Guys!

Today this post is dedicated to all the men out there who are consciously taking good care of themselves and to those who are yet to join the club! Well as I mentioned in my previous post of how important it is to look after your skin, many times men often get confused as to what to keep and what not to keep in their quick easy fix grooming kit! So here I am trying to make it easy for you by listing 11 must haves for you  to look good and feel great at all times the quick and easy way  😀

Grooming for men - Grooming tools every man should have

So without beating around the bush here’s my list!


Flat Belly Foods:10 Foods to Prevent Bloating and Get a Flat Belly

Flat Belly Foods

Hey everyone! Hope your weeks pulling through great  :)

Well summers are here and it’s time to wear those s*xy dresses and go swimming! I personally love swimming. So it’s time to flaunt your body and yes I know sometimes due to not so flat belly we tend it shove all our nice dresses and swimming costumes in our cupboard and shut the doors almost forever (or atleast till the next summer season!) But guess what! You can actually eat right to prevent bloating and get a flat belly (Not that muscular one that you dream of! You need to workout well for that girls!)


Flat belly - prevent bloating


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