Yoga For Beauty:7 Poses For Radiant Glowing Skin

Yoga for beauty: 7 yoga poses to get beautiful glowing skin

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As you know I was busy with my friends wedding, now it’s all done! Went super nicely and had a lot of fun  😀 Today I am going to share my most favorite poses in yoga for beauty which helps us get glowing and a beautiful skin.

Yoga for beautiful face, skin, hair Mental peace and an emotional balance plays a very important part in our beauty regimen. We do not realize but most of our skin problem often could be due to stress, no-exercise and various other imbalances in our body. Yoga, coupled with our other beauty recipes would lead to a beautiful skin that radiates from within. (more…)

Best Anti-aging and Skin Brightening Face Pack: Do it Yourself

Best Anti-Aging and Skin Brightening Face pack:

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Let’s move on to the mission for today: Mission Anti-ageing and Skin brightening  😀

I love eating pomegranate so one evening when I was eating one and my hands were messy I just massaged my face with the left over juice on my hand. When I washed my face I realised an amazing brightness and soft skin! I immediately knew what I had to do  next ! As always here goes my research on the hero ingredient of this mask!

Anti-aging-brightening-homemade-face-Pomegranate pack


Green Tea: Beauty and health benefits

Health and Beauty benefits of green tea

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Hope your weeks coming along nice. I have been a little busy with my old pals wedding.. But writing has always been my priority hence I manage to squeeze out some time for this baby of mine  😛  Yesterday when I was having my daily beauty dose – Green Tea, I immediately knew what am I going to write on next:) Today morning I made myself a cup of yumm green tea and started writing.Green tea beauty benefits

Green Tea is considered a super anti-oxidant drink and has been claimed to help treat cancer. Not only limited to health, but green tea has also made news for it’s amazing beauty benefits.


Skin care tips for Men

Skin care tips for men

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I’ve been wanting to do this post since a long time, but finally got time 😀

Today when we say or hear beauty all we can think of is girls/ladies/women! But why? I think even men these days equally want to look good, be well groomed and stay young. It’s just that the markets are stuffed with products targeting women but these days slowly beauty industry is also emerging and coming up with products specifically targeting men.

skin care tips for men Well all my articles are useful for both men and women, but here’s a post specifically dedicated to all the men. (more…)

Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil for hair

Hey All! Hope you all had a super Sunday 🙂 Mine was an awesome one with my loved ones and dance! Yes we are all preparing for a friends sangeet function and dance is my second passion so all in all a great sunday!

My today’s post would be on a wonder ingredient called coconut oil. In today’s glamour world and a lot of products we often tend to forget that the secrets for the best beauty lies in nature, often very important and old ingredients for beauty are forgotten, so today let’s relive the importance and benefits of one of the gift from nature – our very own coconut oil for hair.

coconut oil for long hair Image source: (more…)