Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil for hair

Hey All! Hope you all had a super Sunday 🙂 Mine was an awesome one with my loved ones and dance! Yes we are all preparing for a friends sangeet function and dance is my second passion so all in all a great sunday!

My today’s post would be on a wonder ingredient called coconut oil. In today’s glamour world and a lot of products we often tend to forget that the secrets for the best beauty lies in nature, often very important and old ingredients for beauty are forgotten, so today let’s relive the importance and benefits of one of the gift from nature – our very own coconut oil for hair.

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Best Mask for hair growth:DIY

Best mask for hair growth

Hey lovely people 🙂

Weekends here  😀 and here I am giving you all recipe for one of my beat mask for hair growth that will not only help you relax on a Sunday but also awaken your hair follicles for it to be strong and grow long. This is a super easy and indeed the best mask for hair growth which has only 3 ingredients. This mask will not only make your hair grow but will also make it super soft, shiny, manageable and will also be good for dandruff 🙂

long strong hair


Skin care tips for summer: Get glowing this summer

Skin care tips for summer: Get glowing this summer

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are fine and hope the summers treating you well, here in Mumbai it is getting hotter day by day and thanks to my combination skin it is a task to handle it! These summers make your skin so dehydrated at the same time oily and a pain to handle  😕  So here are my list of best skin care tips for summer, now enjoy your summer with a happy skin  😀

Skin care tips for summer


Argan Oil: 7 most important things to consider when buying this liquid gold

Most important things to consider when buying Argan Oil

Hello Lovelies, Hope you all are doing great 🙂 Just about recently I decided to buy lot of oils from a local seller; I was surprised to see him selling Argan Oil. I immediately inquired about the extraction process and was convinced to place an order. One thing that bothered me was the price I paid for it (It was too less for an oil coming from Argan seeds) nevertheless I went ahead with my order and after receiving it, I realized it was a synthetic version of the much raved about Argan Oil ! 👿 That got me researching deep into Argan Oils and the most important things to look out for when buying a bottle of it. Argan nuts  Argan oil (more…)