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I remember noticing a smile line developing around my mouth and I was momentarily tensed. But then I remembered 2 things; 1. It is beautiful to age, and I definitely want to age gracefully 🙂 2 was that I have many magical herbs that will make the look of the lines fade and make it less noticeable.

So here is what I know, and I would love to share it with you all!

How to get rid of Smile Lines:

Let me first tell you, that it is not going to be very easy removing smile lines. You will have to forget about it and keep smiling, no matter what 🙂 Because that is number 1 remedy for it. While, there are herbs that help, I am going to give you a mix of ingredients that will eventually fade those lines.

1. Vitamin C:

Either you go for a vitamin C peel from a dermatologist or start using a Vitamin C serum. But if you are using a serum, ensure you don’t get fooled and use only the medicated one. I would suggest Vit C 15 serum. But again it may or may not suit you, so consult a skin specialist without fail!

Vitamin C peel, works like a charm and it generally brightens skin in an amazing way. This will definitely reduce those smile lines and make it less noticeable. Oh! and if you are thinking, why am I suggesting this, because this is not “Organic” then you are wrong. I always say there are ingredients that are derived from nature and work ONLY in a certain form. Vitamin C is one of them 🙂

2. Ashwagandha:

Get Ashwagandha oil and start applying only on the lines. While you can apply it all over your face, you need to check whether it suits you or no. Either ways, you can mix it with grape seed oil if you are using essentials oil of ashwagandha. Just apply it every night on your smile lines and within 2 months you should notice a difference. Be religious here 🙂

3. Oats and Fullers earth:

Apply a mask of oats powder and little fullers earth on the lines and wash it off in 10 minutes. (Do not use it more than 10 minutes). Also remember to not let it get too dry, else it may accentuate the lines 🙂 You can use this once or twice a week.

I have given you 3 options based on its effectiveness. Plus, PLEASE do not worry a lot, coz seriously aging is the most natural and beautiful process, don’t you feel more sorted, mature and at peace as you age? I mean you are literally evolving as a spiritual being ! Now don’t tell me that is not beautiful 🙂

Happy Friday Guys! Love to you all xoxoxo



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