Acne is a condition that can be troublesome and demotivating; hence it is important to battle acne. Out of the multiple ways available a few of them are wholesome and clears acne from within. You do need patience but they are definitely the best ways to deal with it.


Healing acne is a wholesome experience and process. It can really be overwhelming for some, but if you stick to it for a long long time; it is a completely transforming journey. These ways are out of my own experience and after thorough research on the multiple ways available. Here we go!

Best Ways to Battle Acne

1. Diet:

Definitely not the point you want to read first. But trust me; over all these years of my skincare quest I have realized that there are no 2 ways of what you eat! You really are what you eat. Especially, when you need to battle acne you must ensure that you are having enough water, STOP eating out completely (not even SUBWAY!), stop aerated drinks (forever!), try to incorporate raw veggies and fruits in your daily routine, have food rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C to speed up your healing process.

Diet, will transform your skin but remember it is a very slow process so please don’t give up 🙂

2. Minimal Make-Up

Again, a very difficult thing for some. Especially when those scars are pretty obvious. But make-up will aggravate your condition, unless you are using a treatment make-up products; which can be very expensive! Stick to a loose powder for the day and may be a light foundation once a week. Try as much as you can to lower the amounts of make-up you use.

3. Hair Care:

Surprised? Yes, your hair care is very important to keep your breakouts in check. Dandruff, dirty hair touching your face etc. can cause multiple breakouts. Ensure you are using mild products that suit your hair condition and you indulge in once a week hair spa (at home!)

4. Hygiene:

Old habits die hard! If you actually check, you will realize that ALL of us are un-hygienic at many instances during the day. I agree that is not always possible to stay in sanitation. But small things like, touching your phone screen on your cheeks, constantly keep touch your face throughout the day, forgetting to remove make-up at night etc can affect the condition of your skin. I would advice to always carry a sanitizer (Alcohol free) so even if you have to touch your face; you can sanitize it first.

5. Synthetic and Tight fabrics:

I recently was dealing with acne on arms. I always had a very flawless hands and legs and the sudden breakout is kinds getting me worried. I am being patience and trying all that I can’ but one thing I realized was that if I wear loose cotton clothes my breakouts calm down! The idea is to let your skin breathe.

6. Sleep and Snooze:

My favorite thing to do! 😀 Ensure you are getting enough time to sleep and let your body rest. Sleep is very very important to let your skin heal on its own. If you are not getting the sleep you need; this could be a major reason for your acne breakouts.

7. Chill!:

Isn’t that we all want to do? So why not! Just chill 🙂 Do not stress so much about anything in life. Nothing is worth your mind, body and spirit. Dance, exercise, read, meditate and do whatever it takes to make you feel light and de-stress (leaving behind smoking and drinking of-course).


I have written all of the above with my own experience and research to battle acne, follow this simple and wholesome routine with a proper skin care (avoid steroids based products) and hair care. Nothing can stop you from having a clear skin 🙂

Have a happy day!

Love and Light,

Vidhi xoxoxo

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