Desi Ghee Benefits for Hair

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Sorry for MIA act, I was in my own zone and my was brain dead 😛 Yup being brutally honest! 🙂 Hope you guys can relate to this phase and forgive 🙂 Anyway even though I was brain dead I did not give up on trying things for you all and so here I am presenting my tried and tested remedy for dry hair – DESI GHEE.

desi ghee benefits for hair-ayurvedic remedies for hair growth

Ghee benefits is very well known for our skin, hair and health. But I had never tried it till now and since the winters are making my hair dry I decided to give it a try. 🙂

Desi Ghee Benefits For Hair:

  • Desi ghee benefits are very well known in Ayurveda. Ghee is known to be amazing for your skin, hair and health. Not only externally but Ghee when taken internally also benefits your body. But ensure you make ghee at home and don’t use a processed one!
  • Desi ghee can stimulate hair growth and also help in baldness when used regularly
  • It is extremely moisturizing and helps combat dry hair. It leaves your hair very soft and moisturized.
  • Ghee also treats split ends to some extent and definitely prevents split ends from occurring. Yes, ghee when used on split ends almost cures it.
  • It makes hair really soft, shiny and frizz free. Because of the moisturizing and healing properties desi ghee when used imparts a beautiful glow to your hair.
  • When used as a massage on your head, it also calms your senses and reduces stress
  • Ghee, also increases blood circulation and hence directly affects on the quality of your hair

How to Use Ghee for Hair?

  • Melt ghee on a Pan and add curry leaves to it (optional)
  • Let it cool a little and massage your hair for 10-15 minutes
  • Leave it on for 2 hours minimum or overnight and wash it off normally the next day

gheebenefits-ayurvedic recipe for hair growth

Overall, Desi ghee when used on your hair gives brilliant results. I have not incorporated ghee in my weekly routine as well. It’s just been 2 days but I am sure going to continue and would suggest all of you to try using this twice a week for a month and see the results for yourself! 🙂 Just ENSURE you are using PURE COW GHEE or Homemade Ghee.

Desi Ghee benefits are age old remedies and are written down in the books of Ayurveda as well. The power has been underestimated with times and with the presence of SO many products in the market. But trust me sometimes these simple things are the BEST cures for all your beauty issues 🙂


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8 Comments on Desi Ghee Benefits for Hair

  1. I have been using ghee for the past year and i have seen great results hair moved from being very scanty to full thick beautiful hair. I would never discontinue ghee its a miracle worker but you need to use it religiously

    • Hey Ren! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! wow really! That is amazing. I love it too.. It gives great volume and shine 🙂

  2. Hey Vidhi! It’s Deepika here from your gym! Finally got the chance to read your blog, it’s so so good! I will hopefully try some of your home made remedies!
    Hope to see you soon and great work 🙂

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